7 Reasons You'll Love Utah Decks


Deep design experience

When it comes to deck design, we look beyond functionality and into the world of extraordinary. We want you to feel excited every time BBQ season rolls around, want you to feel great every time you look out the back window, and want you to feel peace of mind knowing you’ll always have a spectacular, aesthetic gathering place for you and your family.


Rock-solid construction

When people say “they don’t build ‘em like they used to,” they just mean they haven’t worked with Utah Decks yet. Our decks are built with the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail because we want your deck and patio to last as long as possible. And unlike our competitors who won’t be around next summer, we have a reputation to protect.


Your time matters

When we decide on a plan to tackle your deck, we stick to it. We know your time is valuable and we want to get your deck finished as soon as humanly possible—without cutting corners. We’ve become pretty efficient at deck building over the years, and we think you’ll love our dedication and work ethic.


Better customer service

Working with contractors can be a pain, and we know sometimes it can feel like builders only care about the job and not about actually helping you. With our roots planted firmly right here in Utah, we’re committed to our community and that means delivering an experience our friends, family, and neighbors can be proud of.


Finally, fair prices

Your contractor could charge you just about anything to design and complete your deck, and that’s not OK with us. We charge extremely competitive prices for all of our services because we care more about building a long-term business than fizzling out in a year and leaving a handful of customers with mediocre, uninspiring decks.


We just love decks

We started Utah Decks because we really love decks, and we wanted to use that passion to help people across the state realize the full potential of their homes with beautiful decks and patios. We would never call it quits on a project unless we’d be happy to have your deck as one of our own, period.


We build the best decks on the planet

Now, we haven’t checked every single deck builder in the world (yet), but our customers say this over and over after they see their new decks, patios and fences. And why would they lie? With superior craftsmanship, superior design and an attention to detail, it just makes sense that our decks would be out of this world.

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