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Are you searching for the most amazing deck expert in the world? Are your patio and deck ambitions too grand for the average deck contractor to handle? Do you wish there was a builder out there who wasn’t interested in hitting you with hidden costs at every turn? Well, we thought you’d never ask.

Utah Decks is the contractor that just gets it. Yes, you can really turn your yard into a stunning centerpiece of your home—without dealing with predatory contractors, projects that run on forever and just never come to fruition, and poor results that don’t live up to expectation. Utah Decks just builds great decks. Period.

Meet Dan Bigelow

Utah's deck master with over 15 years of building experience

Better Today than Tomorrow

Deck and patio projects have a tendency to run into delay after delay, but we’re all about getting your deck done ASAP—but without sacrificing quality or cutting corners. We complete projects faster, it’s that simple.

Eye for Design

So many deck builders are just clueless about design, and that’s bad new. We’re able to see beyond the project itself, visualizing what your whole home and yard will look like after your deck is finished.

Quality First

Utah Decks builds decks and patios meant to stand the test of time, and you just can’t do that using below standard workers or materials. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what many other contractors do. We don’t.

Fellow Deck Owner

The only thing that makes us more depressed than a house without a deck is a house with an ugly deck. We know exactly what it takes to make your project succeed, and we want to help you make decisions that will make you feel satisfied for years to come.

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Recent Projects

We've designed and built hundreds of amazing decks and extraordinary patios across Utah. Take a look—is your house next?

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Superior Creativity, Inspiring Design.

Deck design might be the foundation of our building process, but it’s the step so many builders overlook.

Odds are pretty good you can throw a couple boards and supports up by yourself, but it’s up to your contractor to bring your vision to fruition. I mean, without some creative help, what use is a contractor? With detailed models and sketches, we’ll help you dream and design the most amazing deck you’ve ever seen.

Expert Craftsmanship.

A cookie-cutter approach to deck and patio construction doesn’t work. But that’s exactly what you’ll get from most contractors. The end results is a boring deck, a sense of disappointment, and ultimately unhappy customers (you).

The concept of quality craftsmanship might be dying, but Utah Decks is keeping the dream alive. Even the prettiest deck can fall apart if you don’t use quality materials. With Utah Decks, you’ve got it all—a gathering place, a conversation piece, and a solid structure that will probably last a lot longer than the Jones’ down the street.

The Extra Mile.

If there’s a corner to cut, shady contractors will find a way to cut it. It saves time, and it saves money.

Well, for them. It’s going to cost you. We don’t make decks that we wouldn’t be proud to show off on our own homes. We’re here to get the job done and construct your dream deck. So let’s get started!

Lisa Thatcher

We just moved into a beautiful new house, and the only thing missing was a deck. Utah Decks was the only company who made us feel like “OK, these guys are right for us.” Their first design concept knocked it out of the park, and the final product blew away expectations.

Christy Clements

We had some pretty wild and creative ideas floating around for our home's deck and patio, and the other contractors we spoke with just couldn't keep up with our creativity. I'm happy to say Utah Decks GETS IT, and our deck is now one of the most stunning parts of our house.

Greg Grady

We were super stressed thinking about fixing the disaster of a patio our last contractors left us with. Utah Decks was so refreshing because they really listened to us and actually DID what they said they'd do, and did it on time and under budget! Thank you guys!


How much does a new deck cost?

All of our projects are totally custom jobs, and there’s not really any way for us to provide a quote without meeting with you first.

With that said, are prices are highly competitive. We don’t believe big results should come with a big hit to your bank account.

How long will it take to finish a new deck?

We want you to love your deck and enjoy it for as long as humanly possible. Our projects take as long as they take, and not any longer. While we pledge to work as fast as possible, we never want to cut corners or sacrifice quality and safety.

But, we’ll keep you updated all the time so you know what to expect—and when to expect it.

How do I choose the right deck contractor?

Finding the best deck contractor isn’t easy, but there are a few things you should look for. This list should at least help you avoid the shady companies lurking around Google, so in your search be sure to:

  • Check online reviews
  • Get references
  • Look at their portfolio
  • Double-check the contract
  • Get a guarantee
  • Make sure the price is right
  • Make sure they’re licensed!
What about the deck design process?

Our deck designs are top notch. So what’s the secret?

Our team will meet with you several times to plan the design of your deck, helping you create the ultimate design before we hammer a single nail. We’re 100% sure that no one else puts this many hours into design, and our results seem to back up that claim.

Do you do patios too?

We sure do. Unfortunately, the name “Utah Decks and Patios” doesn’t sound as nice.

Why should I choose you over the other guys?

At the end of the day, our decks and patios are just better. That’s the truth, and you’re welcome to take a look at our portfolio to see for yourself. Hopefully we’ll be adding your project next!

Any other reviews?

Best deck contractors Ogden Utah! Our search for the greatest deck builders Ogden Utah is finally over.

Looking for deck builders Davis County Utah? Look no further. Utah Decks is an incredible company for Ogden Utah deck builders.

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